How can TalkChalk Revolutionize my classroom?
TalkChalk can revolutionize your classroom by extending classroom-style communication with your students beyond the normal school day. We provide a safe, easy to use platform that seamlessly integrates with any Facebook account, without sacrificing any personal information.

What if my school blocks Facebook?
TalkChalk can be used in the classroom by logging students on to our separate TalkChalk platform. Just send your students to and have them sign in to TalkChalk with their username and password. Anything done during the class will be available after school, and notifications for upcoming assignments, tests, and discussion board activity will be sent to your students and their parents via text, email, or Facebook.

Is TalkChalk hard to use?
TalkChalk features a friendly and easy to user interface We integrate with Facebook to provide a look and feel that Facebook users are familiar with. The TalkChalk team strives to make our product as simple and user-friendly as possible in order to increase student participation, communication, and achievement.

How do I get started?
Right now, we are perfecting our offering through private pilot partnerships. After our pilots, we will begin to open the product for public use. If you’re a student, you simply join the classes in which you’re currently enrolled through our TalkChalk Facebook application or on our website and include the login class code to enroll. Your teacher will then confirm your request and you will be ready to participate.

What happens if I can’t login?
Try logging off of Facebook and then logging back in through the TalkChalk application. If that does not work, just email, and we’ll fix the login problem for you!

What happens if a student posts an inappropriate comment on the classroom page?
TalkChalk has built-in filters to prevent students from posting certain inappropriate words and phrases on our TalkChalk virtual classrooms or discussion boards.

How does TalkChalk protect schools and teachers from liability over Facebook?
Our technology creates a safe space on Facebook by creating a space that exists on the social platform that allows you to enter and interact seamlessly with all parties involved without any of your personal information having to come along.

Can students and teachers see each other’s profiles?
TalkChalk allows for teachers, parents, students, and administrators to interact with each other through Facebook safely on our secure application. All of these parties can see each other’s profiles on TalkChalk, but will not see their Facebook personal information (like photos, comments, or any of their Facebook wall or things they have been tagged to).

How can parents get in touch with teachers and administrators using TalkChalk?
There are a couple ways a parent can get in touch with their student’s teachers and administrators. In the parent section of TalkChalk, a parent can either message their teacher or leave comments on the parent/teacher wall. As we build out more features for TalkChalk, we’re figuring out new ways to increase communication between teachers, administrators, and parents on TalkChalk.

When will TalkChalk be available for general release?
We’re scheduled to release during August of 2012. Our pilot and beta schools are testing our product during the Fall and Spring of 2011-2012 school year in order to prepare our revolutionary product for a Summer launch.

How do I get TalkChalk to come to my school/college/university/community?
Contact us! We are always looking to expand into more schools and districts, and we would love to talk to you!

Does TalkChalk work internationally?
TalkChalk works anywhere, but right now we are only in English. We look forward to expand language offerings in the future, but for right now we are focusing on building our product for the United States. Please Contact Us if you are a teacher or administrator interested in using TalkChalk Internationally.